2. Carve Tack

The first skill on which I need to work is tacking.  I’m not smooth with my upwind turns.  A ‘carve tack’ is what I’m working on.  I watched this video, it’s really good, the best example I’ve seen so far:

I think it’s best first to learn the footwork.  The handwork can be adapted and wiggled in but the footwork seems to me to be the most important-if u don’t have that down you’ll not excel at this skill.

I watched this video then 2 days ago I went out & tried it. In my opinion (or for me), I was most successful when I focused on executing the footwork correctly and just the footwork. That is to say, when I did NOT execute the footwork properly, I fell in the water. Not so much so w/the hand work.
Notice at 1:04 the rider is prior to beginning the actual turn (pretty much).
1. She moves her back hand forward.
2. She moves her back foot forward.
3. She moves her front hand forward around the front of the mast.
4. She moves her front foot around the front of the mast.
5. Tilt back the mast to start turning.
That’s the first half-so at least get that down/remember that when you go to try this skill. If you can’t do much after that, at least you’ve got that concept for the moment.

Having done this after watching the video I’ve learned:
This is the only sport outside of ballet in which a plie is done.
The plie (squat) is deep enough to make your quadraceps sore.  Practice these for a few weeks beforehand.
Once out of the plie, put the foot on the midline of the board under the sail w/o placing the foot down anywhere else.  Just get it on that centerline so you get balanced.
You’ll need to backwind the sail to get the nose of the board to come around.



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