1. History/My current skill status.

Your story will be a little bit different than mine, but eventually we’ll be on the same page. Right now it’s October 4 of 2016.  I find myself with a decent running 1970 VW van and 2 sets of windsurfing gear from the 1990’s.  I’ve spent 3 days windsurfing in the last month having not windsurfed since the 1990’s.  I’m 48 years old now and I wish I was the weight I was when I wanted to lose 20 pounds.

I picked up one set of windsurfing gear from an estate sale in Bellflower, CA.  That complete set was $40 believe it or not.  Except for a small hole in the nose, it’s in decent shape.  Or at least it’s better than the alternative-no windsurfing set up.  That’s no fun.

The second set up I got from an elderly Asian woman in Irvine.  Her elderly Asian husband died and she was unloading his belongings.  That’ll happen to all of us guys-wives sell old sporting equipment.  He kept his gear in good shape-it is a better set up than the $40 set I bought.  This set up cost $150.  It came with 3 sails.

A year or two ago I was given a few sails by an older guy named ‘George’ who had run a sailing school. The sails are bright and crisp but I do not know the sizes.  I was trying to get a windsurfing set up back then out of him but there was some dynamics between his employer and he and his state of employment fell apart.  I was never able to buy the windsurfing set up but the sails have sat in the old VW since then.

The last three times I’ve gone windsurfing has been in a place called ‘Alamitos Bay’.  It is in the Belmont Shores/Naples area of Long Beach, CA in the county of Los Angeles.   Long Beach, CA has the largest Department of Recreation and Parks (or Parks and Recreation-they call it backwards I think) in the entire USA from what I understand.  They even have an aquatics division-which is where I have been windsurfing.

I USED to rent windsurfing equipment there every so often.  It was $4/hr to rent an entire windsurfing set up 20 yrs ago.  To do so you either had to take their class or show up and demonstrate that you could set up a windsurfer and sail it to the other side of the marina and back.  Then they put your name on a little card in their little box and from then on you were able to rent.  Went I went to the Rec and Parks Dept. a few months ago the rental fee was either $14/hr or $18/hr.  Mind you, the equipment is still the same equipment, the shop is the same shop, and the marina is the same marina.  Maybe the water is Perrier.  Yeah-no, I’m not paying $14/hr to rent a windsurfing set up.

My other windsurfing experiences prior to a month ago were in Malibu and..Topanga?  At the beach for sure.  Probably not Topanga Canyon-no, definitely not, it’s too far to haul gear. Sunset Beach-that’s where I went I bet.  Sunset Beach in Los Angeles County.

As I recall I had an old Bic aircraft carrier and a 1964 Ford Falcon station wagon.  Both are long gone, which sucks,  cuz I liked them both.  It would have been nice to have someone actually help me to work on the wagon.  I hope it didn’t get crushed.  Like my dreams.

I think my hang gliding instructor had taught me some basics about windsurfing.  This may have consisted of a passing conversation about the concepts of sailing.

My sailing education consists of a bit of a class at the California State University of Long Beach.  That wasn’t fun at all.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of rules and nomenclature.  Also, a sailing class at Orange Coast Community College  in Costa Mesa, CA (Orange County) with a very very angry Instructor guy.  This guy wasn’t happy unless he was angry.  Add to that the class dynamics-no fun.  We never even got to set up the sailboats because older men would show up an hour before and set them all up.  They wanted to go sailing not spend time waiting for us to set up equipment.  If you ever want to speed up your divorce, go sailing as a couple.  That won’t end well.

I had a sailboat.  The ‘Sabu’.  This is an acronym for ‘Situation Ass-Backward and Upside-Down’.  I bought the boat, turns out the slip had 3 days left.  The boat got towed, I paid to get it out, the slip was rented.  I put it in a temporary slip for 2 days and by then I was out of cash.  I found a bum and gave him the boat and the inflatable kayak that came with it. I moored the boat in the middle of the harbour in Dana Point, he signed the transfer of title, I paddle the kayak to shore, he drew it back with a rope, I dropped the transfer off at Auto Club, he bailed off the boat, the boat got towed, the Sheriff’s Dept. wrote me a letter, I called them, they sent me a bill, I didn’t pay them. Hence the acronym.

A WINDSURFER on the other hand can be unloaded much easier, it doesn’t on you you own IT, and they’re delightful.  I’m back sailing again.

I can set up the equipment well enough so that it’s attached and functional.

To Do List:
I need to learn to properly weave the rope that lashes the mast to the boom.

I have lost a ring/tube that goes thru the daggerboard.  I caught the daggerboard juuust as it began to fall thru the board and to the bottom of the Perrier-filled marina.

Figure out what size sails I have.

Figure out what type of boards I have.

Figure out what maintenance each sail needs.

Get rid of the old small harness.

Pick up my repaired mast food universal joint assembly from the windsurfing store in Belmont Shore.

Find out if it’s possible to rent new equipment.

Find out when and where windsurfing swap meets are.


I have watched quite a number of neat videos on YouTube about windsurfing.

That’s all for now. 



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