Teaching a friend (Sergio).

Today I took my buddy ‘Sergio’ windsurfing.  We met at work at Universal Studios when he was doing make up and wardrobe and I was riding a jet ski.  He’s a bit older than me.

We used 2 boards.  There was an older man at the beach & he had a piece of plywood that he had a mast foot attached to.  He taught Sergio on the sandy beach utilizing that device.   Sergio did pretty good.  The small sail helped a lot but next time I’ll make sure to rig up the wider board with a small sail, I think that’ll do the trick.

I also learned that you can tow someone back using your board and a tow rope.  This is good to know and actually might very well be a better way to teach someone.  I’ll try it with Janeshia the stuntwoman when she goes to try with us in a week or two.

The mast foot for one of the boards has been fixed.  I learned that the bolt is stainless steel, when u get the universal joint fixed just go ahead and have the guy at the shop do the work-I’m glad I did.  Also, an allen wrench must be used.  It’s well worth the hour of time to pay the guy to have him do it.  In fact, the guy actually boiled the universal joint in water on the stove for an hour to get the nut/bolt to loosen!  Holy smokes!

I leaned that you want to make sure to check the height of the boom with the student’s height. It was too high for Sergio.

We went to Alamitos Bay.



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